Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso

Training in Basic Video Thoracoscopy

Head Professor: Hiram de Zacarías Rodríguez Blanco, MD
General Surgeon.
Associate Professor, Attached Researcher.

Price: 560.00 USD

Method of payment:
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March 8 - 12 | June 14 - 18 | October 4 - 8

Duration: 1 week.

Addressed to: Specialists in General Surgery and Pediatric Surgery. Final year residents from international programs in these same specialties.

Main Topics:
    Topic 1: Thoracoscopic video exploration. Theoretical rationale.
    Topic 2: VATS and solitary lung nodule.
    Topic 3: VATS in Pneumothorax.
    Topic 4: VATS in Pleural Effusion.
    Topic 5: Hyperhidrosis. Sympatheticotomy by means of VATS.
    Topic 6: VATS in mediastinal tumoral lesions.
General Aim:
  1. To develop the skills to perform safe and effective basic procedures in thoracic surgery by means of the minimally invasive approach.