Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso

Training: Laparoscopic Surgery in Urology I

Dra.C. Tania González León

Head Professor: Tania González León, MD, Ph.D
First and Second-Degree Specialist in Urology.
Full Professor, Full Researcher
Head of the Service of Urology

Registration open throughout the year, except in July and August.

Price: 4,320.00 USD

Duration: 12 weeks.

Number of credits: 18

Addressed to: Specialists in Urology and Pediatric Surgery, nationals or foreigners, as well as foreigners that are taking a Residence in Urology from the second year on (in accordance with the Curricular Program of the student’s country).

Payment method:
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General Objetives:

  • To explain the generalities of Urological Laparoscopic Surgery (ULS).
  • To develop the basic skills to perform laparoscopic surgery.
  • To know the main laparoscopic techniques for the urinary tract.
  • To recognize the complications of ULS and their treatment.

Main Topics:

topic 1: Instruments for Laparoscopic Surgery.
topic 2: General information about the pneumoperitoneum.
topic 3: Preparation of the patient for Urological Laparoscopic Surgery.
topic 4: General principles for the laparoscopic approach of the urinary tract (UT).
topic 5: General notions for renal and prostatic laparoscopic approach.

CNCMA Teaching Secretary

Maykel Quintana Rodríguez, MD

Maykel Quintana Rodríguez, MD

Lázara Martínez White, Nurse

Lázara Martínez White, BN

Roberto Sanchez Tamaki, MD

Roberto Sánchez Tamaki, MD

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