National Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery

About the National Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery

The National Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery (CNCMA) is the National Reference Center for endoscopic therapeutics and minimally invasive surgery. In addition to being the Post-Graduate Education Center of the University of Medical Sciences dedicated to the education, training and certification of national and foreign specialists regarding the mastery of minimally invasive basic and advanced techniques, it is the Technological Science and Innovation Entity responsible for the creation and implementation of controlled research projects or studies for the evaluation of technologies and patents in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

CNCMA is an institution ACCREDITED by the Cuban Accreditation National Health Board (JUNAS) since 2017 and CERTIFIED according to the NC ISO 9001-2015 Norm by the Standardization National Office (ONN) and the CERTIFICATION Institute, S.L. (ICDQ) on medical assistance of minimally invasive surgery services for national and foreign clients and on training services for national and foreign clients.


Centro de Cirugía Endoscópica, Hospital Calixto García

In 1993, Dr. Julián Ruíz Torres founded a multidisciplinary group at the Calixto García Hospital which included gastroenterologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists and nurses with the approach and purpose of offering to patients a center that could provide endoscopic surgery, endoscopic therapeutics and high-quality interventionist radiology in an comprehensive way and with the best technology. In 1994, this group had developed so much that resulted in the creation of the Center of National Reference for Minimally Invasive Surgery and endoscopic therapeutics.

Nowadays, the National Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery is made up of a group of health professionals that provides the patients with state-of-the-art technological services and a humane high-quality staff that carries out these procedures with the utmost care.


Our mission is to act as the National Reference Center that leads assistance, teaching and research activities regarding minimally invasive surgery by introducing state-of-the-art technologies, by offering courses, training, degrees and master’s degrees for the education and upgrading of professionals and technicians in this field, as well as by carrying out investigations according to the health problems that affect our country.

Quality Policy

The administration and workers of the National Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery guarantee the patients the quality and safety of minimally invasive surgery, as well as the quality and relevance of post-graduate training and the scientific and technical services that are carried out, with the purpose of: Increasing satisfaction of our patients and their families, of our Center workers and its students and collaborators; complying with acting laws and regulations in the health field regarding welfare and educational services; maintaining the system of quality management by complying with the requirements of the NC-ISO 9001-2015; and continuously improving the organization work in order to achieve excellence.

Board of Directors

Julián F. Ruiz Torres, Director CNCMA
Julián F. Ruiz Torres, MD, PhD
Manager head
Rafel Torres Peña, Vice-Director Asistencia Médica CNCMA
Rafel Torres Peña, MD, PhD
Assistant manager
Rosalba Roque González, Vice-Directora Docente e Investigaciones CNAM
Rosalba Roque González, MD, PhD
Assistant manager
Andrey Fernández Ramírez, Vice-Director Administrativo CNCMA
Andrey Fernández Ramírez, MD
Assistant manager


Gastroenterology Service

Julián Francisco Ruiz Torres, MD. PhD.

Vivianne Anido Escobar, MD. PhD.

Jorge L. García Menocal, MD.

Felipe Neri Piñol Jiménez, MD. PhD.

Norberto Alfonso Contino, MD.

Mildred Cecilia Armenteros, MD.

Urology Service

Tania González León, PhD MD.

Maikel Quintana Rodríguez, MD.

Michel Hernández Campoalegre, MD.

General Surgery Service

Javier E. Barreras González, MD. PhD.

Miguel Angel Martínez Alfonso, MD. PhD.

Rafael Torres Peña, MD. PhD.

Jorge Pereira Fraga, MD.

Rosalba Roque González, MD. PhD.

Israel Diaz Ortega, MD. PhD.

Hiran de Zacarias Rodriguez Blanco, MD.

Raul Jimenez Ramos, MD.

Sigifredo de la Caridad Montero Ferrer, MD. PhD.

Antoni Alvares Morales, MD.

Janny Ferrás Nievas, MD.

Anesthesia Service

Olivé González, MD.

Ingrid Quintana Pajón, MD.

Ena C. Sánchez Hernández, MD.

Nitza Maza Bravo, MD.

Samira Becil Poyato, MD.

José Ramón Rodríguez Pérez, MD.

Marianela Hernández Azcuy, MD.

Iriannis Galano Labañino, MD.

Reconstrutive Surgery Service

Alina Rosales Aguirreurreta, MD.

Intensive Care Unit

Lilian Valdivia García, MD.

Raimundo Otero Hernández, MD.

Amaury Chang Cruz, MD.

Daymara del Rio Bazan, MD.

Beatriz Felipe Rodríguez, MD.

Lázaro Suárez Núñez, MD.

Osvaldo Cañedo Hernández, MD.

Neurosurgery Service

Luis Alonso Fernández, MD. PhD.

Tania Leyva Mastrapa, MD. PhD.

Otolaryngology Service

Adolfo Hidalgo González, MD.

Oreste González Torres, MD.

Radiology service

Andria de la Cruz de Oña, MD.

Romel Sarmiento Duconger, MD.

Yandys Salas de la Cruz, MD.

Julieth Suárez Oceguera, Graduate. PhD

Pathological Anatomy Service

Yanelis Isabel Soto González, MD.

Legna Marqués Méndez, MD