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Minimally Invasive Surgery Applied to the Performance of the Nursing Professional

Head Professor: Ana Migdalia Milanés Hernández, BN, M.Sc.
Attending Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit.
Associate Professor.

Price: 1,000.00 USD

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Registration open throughout the year, except in July, August and December.

Duration: 4 weeks.

Addressed to: Nursing professionals with experience in the operating room.

General Objectives:
To establish the behavior that contributes to the comprehensive training of the nursing professional, thus developing their professional, scientific and technical knowledge, skills and professional habits that will allow them to successfully face their duties in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

Main Topics:

  • Topic 1: Introduction to minimally invasive surgery.
  • Topic 2: Cleaning, Disinfection, Sterilization Process and Instrument Preservation.
  • Topic 3: Instruments and equipment.
  • Topic 4: Nursing actions during trans operative care.
The Nurse in Endoscopic Surgery of the Digestive TractThe Nurse in Endoscopic Surgery of the Digestive Tract

Price: 1,000.00 USD
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CNCMA Teaching Secretary


Janet I. Hernández
Molina, BN, M.Sc.

Rosa María
Torres, BN, Ms.Sc.

Lázara Martínez
White, BN

Yaquelín Rodríguez
Ramírez, BN, M.Sc.

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