Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso

Training in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Colonoscopy and Rectosigmoidoscopy

Head Professor: Julián Francisco Ruiz Torres, MD, PhD.
First and Second-Degree Specialist in Gastroenterology.
Full Professor, Full Researcher.
Consultant Professor.
Director of the National Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Price: 1,600.00 USD

Payment method:
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Registration open throughout the year, except in July, August and December.

Duration: 4 weeks.

Addresed to:

  • Specialists in Gastroenterology
  • General Comprehensive Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
  • Last year Residents of Gastroenterology from other curricular programs abroad, can also be considered

Main Topics:

  • Topic 1: Generalities.
  • Topic 2: Diagnostic colonoscopy and rectosigmoidoscopy.
  • Topic 3: Therapeutic colonoscopy.
General Objective:
  1. To develop endoscopic skills to perform colonoscopy and rectosigmoidoscopy.
  2. To interpret the different endoscopic images and their treatment.
  3. To establish the actions for multidisciplinary management among endoscopists, radiologists, anesthesiologists and nurses, required by the patients that undergo these tests.
Training in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Colonoscopy and Rectosigmoidoscopy

Precio: 1,600.00 USD
Payment method:

CNCMA Teaching Secretary


Julián Francisco Ruiz Torres, MD, PhD

Felipe Neri Piñol Jiménez, MD, PhD


Aris Nubia Betancourt Navarro, Asistant Nurse


Vivianne M. Anido Escobar, MD, PhD

Jorge Luis García Menocal, MD, PhD

Norberto Caridad Alfonso Contino, MD, PhD

Universidad de Ciencias Médicas