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Training in Trans Nasal Endoscopic Surgery

Head Professor: Adolfo Hidalgo Gonzalez, MD
First degree specialist in Otorhinolaryngology.
Associate Professor.

Price 4 500.00 USD

Payment method:
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Registration open throughout the year.

Duration: 13 weeks.

Main Topics:

  • Topic 1: Generalities concerning nasal sinus and skull base diseases.
  • Topic 2: Imaging of the paranasal sinuses, anterior skull base and sellar region.
  • Topic 3: Acute and chronic inflammatory processes of the paranasal sinuses.
  • Topic 4: Open approaches for nasal sinus diseases
  • Topic 5: Endoscopic exploration and endoscopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

General Objective:
To develop skills in the endoscopic clinical-surgical treatment of nasal sinus diseases.

Training in Trans Nasal Endoscopic Surgery

Price: 4 500.00 USD
Payment method:

CNCMA Teaching Secretary


Oreste González
Torres, MD.

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