Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso

Training in Basic Laparoscopic Procedures II

Head Professor: Rosalba Roque González, MD, MSc, PhD
Gerneral Surgeon.
Full Professor, Full Researcher.
Deputy Director of Teaching and Research.

Price: 1,500.00 USD

Method of payment:
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February 15 - March 5 | March 8 - 26| April 19 - May 7 | May 10 - 28 | June 14 - July 2 |
September 13 - October 1 | November 1 - 19

Duration: 3 weeks.

Addressed to: Specialists in General Surgery and Pediatric Surgery.

Requirement: Basic Laparoscopic Training I.

Main Topics:
    Topic 1: Minimally invasive surgery. Theoretical rationale. Sterilization and care of video endoscopic instruments.
    Topic 2: Pneumoperitoneum. Physiology and physiopathology. Implications of patient homeostasis. Pneumoperitoneum complications.
    Topic 3: Common bile duct lithiasis. Trans operative cholangiography
    Topic 4: Practical teaching in basic procedures in laparoscopic surgery.
General Aim:
  1. To develop skills for basic procedures of minimally invasive surgery in the operating room.

Miguel A. Martínez Alfonso, MD, PhD

Javier E. Barreras González, MD, PhD


Jorge G. Pereira Fraga, MD


Hiram de Zacarías Rodríguez Blanco, MD


Rafael de la C. Torres Peña, MD, PhD

Ana B. López Milhet, MD

Raúl Jiménez Ramos, MD


Sigifredo de la C. Montero Ferrer, MD, PhD

Universidad de Ciencias Médicas