Centro Nacional de Cirugía de Mínimo Acceso

Training in Morbid Obesity Surgery

Head Professor: Miguel Angel Martínez Alfonso, MD, PhD
General Surgeon.
Full Professor. Associate Researcher.

Price: 560.00 USD

Method of payment:
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March 22 - 26 | October 11 - 15

Duration: 1 week.

Addressed to: Specialists in General Surgery.

Main Topics:
    Topic 1: Morbid obesity.
    Topic 2: Surgery as a way of treating morbid obesity.
    Topic 3: Surgical complications and treatments.
    Topic 4: Obesity, anesthesia and surgery for morbid obesity.
    Topic 5: Nutritional support of metabolic surgery and obesity. Nutrition, overweight and obesity.
General Aims:
  1. To acquire the necessary knowledge to assess morbid obese patients and perform bariatric surgical techniques as well as the postoperative assessment and long-term follow-up of the patients.
  2. To know the basics of metabolic surgery, the techniques utilized and current studies.
  3. To perform procedures for intra corporeal sutures, dissection and reproduction of these techniques with pelvitrainers.

Rosalba Roque González, MD, PhD, MsC

Ana B. López Milhet, MD, MsC


Hiram de Zacarías Rodríguez Blanco, MD


Lázara Martínez White, BSN


Rafael de la C. Torres Peña, MD, PhD


Jorge G. Pereira Fraga, MD, MsC


Sigifredo de la C. Montero Ferrer, MD, PhD


Yaquelin Rodríguez Ramírez, BSN, MsC

Universidad de Ciencias Médicas